What is iTour?

The iTour apps are the number one, user-friendly mobile apps for navigating your way around your favorite band's tours! With iTour, you’ll never be lost or left out of the know while planning and traveling to the next show. Find any facility within miles of your destination—from bars and liquor stores to hotels, campgrounds or gas stations—with just a few touches of your screen!

"This app is perfect if you've got tickets to the shows, are traveling with the band, and want to see what's happened before or since. I love the fact that it shows you venues, hotels, restaurants, bars, gas, etc. all around the venues. Basically everything you need and/or want. Awesome."
- appolicious.com, 5/5 rating for iTour.furthur

Maps and More

You’ll never need to fumble with searching and entering addresses again when you have iTour!

  • Maps to venues, hotels, gas stations, airports, RVs, liquor, restaurants, bars, groceries, parking and camping
  • One touch directions from your location to every venue
  • Review the setlist for every show
  • Access your band's content on Twitter and YouTube
  • Find tickets with Cashortrade.org
  • Discover new local music with JamBase
  • See where you're sitting with venue seating charts
  • Check the weather at the venue

"Perfect for both on-the-fly adventure and advance tour planning, iTour is the touring companion that has been begging to be made since Phish and iPhones collided."
- Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts Blog, writing about iTour.phish

  • Your favorite bands!

    Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Furthur, String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, & Umphrey's McGee.

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  • Find the Venue

    It takes just two clicks to open Maps. Find the venue and nearby gas stations, restaurants and hotels.

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  • Get tickets

    Integrated with Cashortrade.org to help you find your facevalue tickets.

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  • Once you're at the show

    Use the seating charts to find your seats.

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  • Venue information

    iTour will let you know at what time the show starts, the capacity of the venue and other show information.

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  • Stay connected during the show

    One-click to see what the world is saying about your band on Twitter.

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  • After the show

    Review the Setlists, and then watch videos of your band on YouTube. Find local music on JamBase.

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In the Apps

Find what you need

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Every show of the tour

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Just 2 clicks away

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Get the Apps

Not only will the iTour apps make sure you get where you need to go with Maps integration, the applications also link to crucial information to keep you informed on show day. Find tickets and seating charts for the venues, YouTube videos and setlists for every show, or use Maps to find your way to parking lots, restaurants, gas stations, and other landmarks at each venue you visit. No more hassle and no more getting lost! Additionally, there are links to each venue’s website and integration with Twitter and YouTube, allowing you to keep up with your band's online community.

The iTour suite of apps are the only must-have apps available for serious fans who want to streamline their showday experience. All the information about the bands, venues, and surrounding areas sits right in the palm of your hand. Why go searching for all this information when iTour brings it directly to your device for just a buck? Don’t go to another show without bringing iTour with you!

Just $.99 on the iOS App Store and Google Play!

iTour.dmb iTour.pearljam
iTour.phish iTour.radiohead
iTour.sci iTour.umphreys

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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions we get.

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How much do the apps cost?

The apps cost just $.99 each. WTF, its just a buck!

Do you guys update it often?

We'll try our best to keep the app current as tours are announced, and will provide updates if needed to fix any bugs or if any of the information changes

Does it work on all versions of iPod/iPhone?

iTour is optimized for all devices running iOS v5.0+

Are there a versions for Android?

Yes there are versions of all the iTour bands for Android! Get them here

Can you make an app for my favorite band?

Find us on email, Twitter or Facebook. Let's talk!

More questions?

Is your question not listed here? Do you have new features or bands to suggest? Head on down to our Contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.

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